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The East London Buddhist Cultural Centre

(ELBCC) was started under the leadership of Venerable Makure Mangala Maha Thera with the untiring help of devoted Buddhists all over the world & Sri Lankan Buddhists to propagate pure teachings of the Buddha to the Western world. 

ELBCC - Lumbini Vihara

Dhaham School - Buddhism & Sinhala Language for kids (free study). Every Sunday  @ 03.30pm-05.30pm. (Term Time Only) Exam conducted by YMCA Colombo. (All ages kids are welcome)

Buddhist Mindfullness Meditation - The term "mindfulness" is derived from the Pali-term sati, "mindfulness", which is an essential element of Buddhist practice, including vipassana, satipaṭṭhāna and anapanasati. Meditation Class Every saturday @ ELBCC 

Commiunity Events - ELBCC organise various commiunity, Cultural and Religous event for Everyone. Especially Sri Lankan Cultural events such as Sinhala Hindu New Year festival.