About us


The East London Buddhist Cultural Centre (ELBCC) was started under the leadership of Venerable Makure Mangala Maha Thera with the untiring help of devoted Sri Lankan Buddhist to propagate pure teachings of the Buddha to the Western world. The Vihara was started last part of 1999 in a small house at Eastham (East London) especially with the support of Sri Lankan living in East London and different part of England.


In 24th February 2002 due to the effort all of those generous supporters with the Vihara moved as a beautiful Buddhist Temple to a magnifying building at 33, Maybury, Road E13 8RZ. 


Apart from the numerous religious services, there are some other services conducted for the benefit of Sri Lankan livin in London. As a registered charitable organisation it is worthwhile to remember services done by the Vihara to the poor peaple in Sri Lanka. 


Today ELBCC is providing excellent servis to all buddhist who live in United Kingdom. Especially Sri Lankan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Thailand, China and English ethnic buddhist are active members with the ELBCC. we organise various religous and cultural event for our buddhist community every month.